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Frequently Asked Questions

Over time, a company begins to hear many of the same questions from its customers. It is no different here at Christmas Home Lighting.

So while we are always happy to hear from you to answer any questions or concerns you might have, we have included some FAQs below for your immediate convenience:

  • We have been hanging Christmas lights and custom holiday decor for home and business owners for over five years.
    We are currently expanding our service area throughout the Northeast region, which includes New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware.
    Yes! All Christmas Home Lighting contractors are covered by $2 million in liability insurance.
    Yes! All Christmas Home Lighting projects have warranties for labor and materials that we supply, for the duration of the display period. (Does not cover accidents or abuse, weather conditions, or any defective materials or workmanship supplied by others.)
    Our installations are customized to each customer’s desires and property area, so costs vary and can be as much or as little as required. Our proposals cover a range of options, and we will work with whichever option you select.
    Yes—but please be advised of the following…1) While we can hang old-fashioned screw-in bulbs, we recommend that you provide LED lights. LEDs save energy, require far fewer extension cords, and are much less likely to flow a fuse….2) Providing us with non-LED lights will increase your labor estimate, because they are more time-consuming and labor-intensive to hang…3) All provided lights should be untangled and tested before we arrive to install them. Untangling strands and purchasing/installing burned out or broken bulbs will increase your costs.
    Yes, but please understand that all comments regarding providing your own lights apply to extension cords as well. ALSO PLEASE NOTE: We cannot use indoor extension cords for outdoor installations due to liability concerns.
  • Yes! We can provide you with contractor-grade LED lights in five different sizes, in addition to string and net lighting for bushes and small trees (under six feet). We can also provide you with dusk-to-dawn timers. All are available for rental by the project or for direct purchase by you at wholesale discount.
    Yes! We can provide you with contractor-grade outdoor extension cords of varying lengths. These cords are available for rental by the project or for direct purchase by you at wholesale discount.
    At this time we do not rent or sell holiday decor items other than lights. We will be happy, though, to hang or affix any decor you may own to your lawn, home exterior or roof! We will also set up your artificial (only) Christmas tree indoors—but will leave the fun of hanging the ornaments and tinsel to you and your family!
    We will schedule a convenient time to return for a thorough take-down of all items we have placed on your property. We will also neatly re-pack all items you have provided to us. We do not offer storage, however, of your personal items.
    It is helpful for you to be home for installations, so we can ensure access to everything we are doing and have your immediate approval on the installation before we leave for our next appointment. We can take down all lighting and custom decor without your being home, as long as we have pre-arranged where to leave any repacked items that you own.
    The work itself typically takes 2–hours, depending upon its complexity and the size of your property. But how quickly we can begin work on your project depends upon many factors, including already contracted demand for our services in your local area. We always advise to book us early—even in the summer so you are near the front of the line for schedule!
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